Study of Women and Gender
The study of women and gender is an interdisciplinary program that addresses the dynamics of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and power. This minor aims to expand capacities for critical reflection and analysis and to engage students with varied approaches to women’s and gender research, uniting areas of knowledge such as philosophy, the humanities, the social sciences, and history.

The Study of Women and Gender Program began in 2008 as a minor. Beginning in 2012, Dominican University students can major in the Study of Women and Gender.
The program emphasizes a critical, feminist, cross-cultural, multiracial, and transnational understandings of the diversity of women’s experiences and life chances.

The Study of Women and Gender introduces diverse perspectives and understandings concerning the reproduction of femininity and masculinity, inequality and poverty, violence and crime, race and social class, culture and media, politics and the law, and sexuality and reproductive rights in historical and contemporary contexts.
This program offers students the opportunities to study sex and gender from multiple perspectives and viewpoints.
• Increase understanding of how gender, race, ethnicity, social class, and sexuality shape our lives and the world we live in.
• Gain leadership skills and experience through independent research, study abroad, internship, or service learning.
• Explore alternative ways of learning and knowing through feminist epistemologies and methodologies.