Honors Program

About the Honors Program

Socrates challenges us with the claim that the unexamined life is not worth living.

Dominican's honors program invites highly motivated, high-achieving students to challenge themselves by living out Socrates’ ideal to the fullest for their entire career at the university and beyond.

Student Testimonial

“Honors seminars have brought to life the motto of Dominican, ‘caritas et veritas’ for me. They have given me a never-ending desire to pursue the truth through constant questioning. And taught me that this truth, whatever it may be, might not be an absolute one, that it might shake the very foundations of my being and perceptions of the world, and that the opposite could also be true.” – Kristine Bonnick ’11, Neuroscience Major

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News & Events

Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony
Congratulations to all Alpha Chi Inductees and graduating seniors. The Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony was held on April 16th in the Noonan Reading Room. Top honors students were honored for the work in their educational career, volunteer programs, studies abroad, internships, and a variety of other amazing achievements at Dominican University. We look forward to another year of Alpha Chi Honors and wish our seniors well as they move onto the next chapters of their lives. Thank you for all your hard work! Click here for more information about the national Alpha Chi Honors Society.

Alpha Chi Honors Scholarships recipients Jena Carvanna and Kerri Doherty
Honors senior Jenna Carvana was awarded the Alpha Chi's Robert W Sledge Fellowship. Honors senior Kerri Doherty was named an alternate for the H.Y. Benedict Fellowship. Congratulations to you both! The Honors Department is very proud!

Congratulations to all the honors students who presented at the annual URSCI Expo!
The Honors Program was well represented this year at the 2013 URSCI Expo. Honors students presented on a variety of topics and majors. Honors and distinction projects were presented by the following students: Jennie Bell, Anthony Caliendo, Jena Carvana, Kerri Doherty, Maria Girgenti, Caitlin Guerra, Timothy Little, Molly Morettes, Jackelyn Nagel, Thomas Puhr, Kristen Raczka, Hadeal Salamah, and Nicole Schultz. Congratulations, you all did a wonderful job! For more information about URSCI Presentations, please click here.